The Lift One Corridor Plan will achieve the community’s long-held desire to return lift service to Dean Street, where skiing originated in Aspen with Lift 1 in 1947.

This breakthrough is the result of more than a year of thorough, technical analysis lead by the City of Aspen in partnership with Aspen Skiing Company and the Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus development teams.

In addition to a new lift, the plan includes a number of enhancements designed to reactivate Aspen’s original base area, offering a gathering place for visitors and locals around a new portal to Aspen Mountain with renovated historic assets, a ski museum and restaurants.


Lift 1a will be relocated 500 feet down the hill

Loading for the new lift will be located at approximately the same location as the original Lift 1, just a few feet from Dean Street.

A ski and lift corridor

The new lift and return skiing will run through a corridor from the current location of Lift 1A down to Dean Street. It will run between two redesigned and relocated Lift One Lodge buildings.

Ski Racing, Competitions, Events and other activities

The lower part of Aspen Mountain, near Gorsuch Haus, includes a new racing finish area, ensuring the excitement and tradition of ski racing, including the possibility of future World Cups, can continue in Aspen. The improvements will allow other events and activities to be hosted in winter and summer.

Ruthie’s Restaurant

The new lift opens up the possibility of a revitalized Ruthie’s Restaurant at the top of Lift 1A.


Aspen Ski History Museum

The historic Skier’s Chalet Lodge building will be moved down the hill to Dean Street, where it will be refurbished into a new ski history museum, curated and managed by the Aspen Historical Society. Ticketing and other skier services are planned for the building as well.

Historic Lift 1 Spotlighted

The original Lift 1 towers, chairs and bullwheel will be relocated in Willoughby Park at the entrance to the new Lift One Corridor or farther up the mountain in the same historic alignment, allowing this important piece of Aspen history to be highlighted.

Skier’s Chalet Steahouse, 1955  Photo courtesy of the Aspen Historical Society

Skier’s Chalet Steahouse, 1955
Photo courtesy of the Aspen Historical Society

Skier’s Chalet Steakhouse

The Skier’s Chalet Steakhouse building will be moved down the hill, remodeled, and reopened as a restaurant. Both Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus will have dining as well, bringing back the mix of services that were part of the Lift One neighborhood for most of Aspen’s skiing history.

3_2018-11-12 Lift One Renderings_03.jpg

Parking, Bicycle Storage, Public Lockers

The Lift One Lodge application calls for an underground parking garage with 50 city-owned, public parking spaces, bicycle storage and public lockers.


Aspenites and visitors in the Shadow Mountain and West End neighborhoods can walk instead of drive to the lift! Rubey Park is located within walking distance as well. Nearby lodges may run fewer shuttles to the gondola with a new, easily accessed portal to Aspen Mountain.

dean street

Plans call for redesigning Dean Street, with an emphasis on pedestrian and bicycle access.

New Park Spaces

Willoughby Park will become the hub of Aspen’s ski history with the Lift One historic infrastructure and a ski history museum.

Dolinsek Gardens will feature inviting, naturally landscaped gardens and open space.

Lift One Park will provide summer access to the network of trails on Aspen Mountain.


New lodging

Lift One Lodge and Gorsuch Haus will bring much needed new hotel lodging accommodations to the base of the ski area, reversing a long trend in Aspen’s disappearing bed base.